Villa Francesca is our wedding favor

The Faccia family has been involved in events as their main business since 2001 .
Loredana and Francesca passionately follow the path traced with so much love by mom
Anna and dad Roberto.
To date, Villa Francesca is a landmark in banqueting in the area.

You feel at home

They tell us, "we came in customers but then it's like we became your family! "
Room guests also come back for the same reason: they feel at home!

Perhaps that is our strength: making you feel part of this environment so well cared for,
elegant but at the same time simple.

We are dedicated to hospitality with love, dedication and friendliness putting the success of
of your day whether we are talking about a small or a big event.

Immersed in the Green

We are in the middle of the countryside with no nearby factories and city noise, surrounded by greenery and in the middle
midst of chirping birds! The sea is not too far away and if it is angry enough you can
you can hear all the way up here.
Surely whether for your own event or stay you will be able to find theright corner for
your need

Loredana, Francesca and Consuelo

Availability, efficiency and professionalism guide us in recommending the best solution for your
your special day!
The staff chosen by Loredana reflects her own image where education predominates,
respect and honesty: the receptionwill never lack a smile and willingness to solve
any problem

Consuelo greets you in the morning with her beautiful smile and over the years has become a

valuable help for the whole Villa.